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Bring a National Champion Collegiate Coach to your school today

  • Unlock the potential in your student-athletes (SA)
  • Prioritize the holistic approach in being ELITE
  • Empower your SA in reaching their dreams

WHAT is a nextLEVEL Workshop?

A gathering of athletes, parents, coaches and sport administrators ... where Coach David 'Red' Grewe, a former D1 collegiate coach with National Championship Gameday experiences, empowers student-athletes to build their own CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET by teaching his Champions Rizin' Formula™.

AT THE END of the workshop ...

  • Athletes are empowered to BUILD their WHY
  • Athletes understand the components of PERFORMANCE EXPOSURE
  • High School Athletic Departments, Schools, Coaches and Adminstrators prove their commitment to help their student-athletes by bringing Coach Grewe to their campus
  • Both parents and athletes learn the necessary steps that MUST BE TAKEN to earn the college roster spot and scholarship
  • Athletes understand how to "close the space" to eliminate the fear and pressure that hinders confidence and gameday performances

Impactful . . . Engaging . . . Insightful . . . Entertaining

As a collegiate D1 head coach and D1 associate head coach of a National Championship team, Coach Grewe has spoken WITH (not to) audiences of all sizes and sports. From being with individual teams to 5,000 seat audiences, Coach Grewe is committed to communicating the message: "Eliminating FEAR is essential to find the ideal path on the journey to greatness. Confidence is built one-step at-a-time from being ON that ideal path and DURING the journey. The quest ultimately comes from defining the moment."

Program Details and Breakdown of Events

Overview: Coach Grewe will typically be on-site for a 4-hour period. The workshop presentation period will be 2 hours in length ... from start to finish (give or take 15-min based on the questions and answers period). The first hour will be used for setup and preparation. The 2nd and 3rd hours will be the actual workshop presentation. Participants (student-athletes, coaches, and parents) will begin arriving 15-20 minutes prior to announced start time and sit together according to sport. The final hour is used for ... 1) distribution of giveaways and handouts, 2) extended time for the question and answer period, and 3) any private or personal conversations with Coach Grewe.

  • 50% of workshop focus - teaching the Champions Rizin' Formula + Champions Preferred-Future™ Program
  • 20% of workshop focus - interactive student-athlete team building activities
  • 10% of workshop focus - tips, secrets and steps in gaining performance exposure
  • 10% of workshop focus - advice on earning the college roster spot and earning a college scholarship
  • 10% of workshop focus - questions directly from the audience

Participant & Cost Breakdown

  • All booking are based on size of group (number of teams / sports)
  • Cost of workshop ranges from $300 (min) to $1050 (max) plus travel costs
  • All participants will receive handouts / giveaways
  • For full school events, select participants will receive FREE membership to PML Monthly

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