Potential Meets Legacy … Our Core Values

Aligned with the mission of Coach David Grewe, the foundation of our company – POTENTIAL meets LEGACY Sports Leadership Group (PMLegacy LLC) is built upon a set of core values that drive action on a daily basis.

Cruise control is the targeted strategic objective.  However, we clearly understand that (at-times) shifting gears in execution and operations is a necessity. YET, when it comes to our core values … there is NO shifting gears. We strongly oppose situational ethics and our actions will always be guided by faith and integrity.

We are very confident in our ability to empower others. And we strongly believe that humility in NOT a sign of weakness, but rather a strength that proves our #1 end result – gameday freedom. Here is a list of our core values. (note: we have already mentioned three of them)

The Big3 +1

  • Faith Driven

  • Integrity Guided

  • Humility Focused

  • (+1) Committed to the Process of the Big Three

The 6th Man

  • Serve others first through a standard of excellence

The Second Team

  • Speak the #truth – honesty matters

  • Trust the heart and the gut – believe in self

  • What is RIGHT matters most

  • Intentions are justified by #truth

  • Change is to be sought after, initiated, accepted and embraced

  • Development is the path by which CHAMPIONS rise

  • Balance becomes an act of juggling and managing important responsibilities

  • Communication is a 2-way road that starts by self-choice where send does not always equal receive

  • Accountability starts in the mirror

In the end, we believe the TEAM matters most. WE not I. The head honcho, the big chief, the CEO, the head coach, the leader must have the strategic vision to inspire others to the top of the mountain, yet be the last one to experience the view while being the first one to descent. 

“Character” is measured by what we do when we are behind closed doors – nobody is watching, few can hear, and only our Maker knows the truth of intent.

And ultimately, great leaders EMBRACE production through Performance Excellence™. Our EMBRACE acronym = Everyone Must Become Responsible Accountable Confident & Excellent.