• It means one person will be 100% committed and focused on you
  • Prioritize the holistic approach in being ELITE through accountability
  • It means faster development, quicker results, and maximizing potential


Message from Coach David 'Red' Grewe

My commitment to EXCELLENCE: I have been a part of competitive sports (HS+College) for over 20 years and I coached college athletes for 13 years. At every step of the way, I've dedicated myself to improving my methods, processes and systems. I've discovered that while action is critical ... information, knowledge and execution is everything. Yes, it's important to act, but information and knowledge are the first steps that lead to acting with intention, resolve and purpose. You become more powerful. See, ultimate power comes from execution. And the only way to execute on a championship level is to have mastery of skill (talent is not enough) ... aligned to the 3D Athlete profile.

And over the years, I have been 100% committed in learning WHY athletes and teams win championships. It is also one of the reasons WHY, I am blessed to part of the elite community of coaches who own a D1 national championship ring and have sat in the #1 chair as a D1 power 5 conference head coach.

In my 1-on-1 private coaching program, I put athletes through an advanced screening and evaluation process before moving into additional phases of development. The focus is empowerment. This process creates a very easy payment plan and makes sure we work with the next group of "champions", who are committed to mastery of skill. This program is ONLY for the ELITE and SERIOUS athletes. My program is a systematic and holistic approach to player development with the focus on building leadership habits and a championship mindset. This is eCoaching with a large focus on personal accountability. I am very proud to be unique to the athlete player development process, resulting in a coaching platform that is offer by nobody else. Thanks for visiting this site. If you are the serious athlete (or coach), please contact me to start the process of enrollment. You can email me directly at davidgrewe@pmlegacy.com or call at (225) 335-8080.

The Challenge

All athletes want to perform their best during competition. For high-school players, some want to gain performance exposure to college recruiters, as they have aspirations to play at the next level.

Yet, they struggle to perform their best during games and often fail during the game's defining moments. Consequently, they let down their teammates. They feel overwhelmed with fear, pressure or anxiety, which leads to the fear of failure, creates a loss of confidence, and hinders future performance.

They end up shying away from the spotlight and hope that one of their teammates takes the shot, gets the ball hit to them, etc.

We Get IT

We know how difficult it is to perform when everyone is watching ... under the bright lights ... when the game is on the line, AND AT THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE LEVEL OF COLLEGIATE SPORTS. We know how difficult it is to be considered an elite athlete, who dominates during competition, and plays at the collegiate or professional level. And so, we want to help athletes reach ELITE status. We know how challenging it is be a team leader with a championship mindset, and we want to help athletes LIVE their dreams.

WHY we can help

Through coaching a collegiate baseball team to the pinnacle of the sport by winning a D1 National Championship, Coach Grewe learned the critical steps that athletes must take in order to earn the label nation’s best. On top of that, he also has D1 Power5 conference Head Coaching experience. Plus, Coach Grewe is the only coach in NCAA history, while serving as the recruiting coordinator to land the #1 ranked recruiting class, while also losing signed recruits, from that class, to over $10M is collective signing bonuses to professional organizations. And now, Coach Grewe is on a mission to help a community of athletes through the creation of his player development platform … utilizing the proven PROCESS to increase human performance + a certification process to transfer knowledge + providing personal recruiting insights to showcase an athlete’s skills to college recruiters.

WHAT will happen for you?

You work to become a confident and explosive performer who garners exposure to college recruiters, opponents, and fans. You maximize your potential through elite mindset. You accomplish goals. You live out your dreams. You become character-focused leader who will impact society before during and after sport competition.

  • Learn a proven (D1 National Championship) method to maximizing your potential
  • Get a STEP-AHEAD others seeking to play at the nextLEVEL
  • Have a coach who takes a personal responsibility in ONLY YOU

1-on-1 Private Coaching Program Details

To enhance the effectiveness of the coaching, the maximum number of athletes Coach Grewe can work with (per season) is 6. Currently, we have the following openings available for 1-on-1 coaching clients. If you are not familiar with our enrollment policies and procedures, please read below and opt-in to download the pdf document with more specific details ... including pricing.


  • Winter (November to January ): 6 Total Slots
  • Spring (February to April): 3 Total Slots
  • Summer (May to July): 3 Total Slots
  • Fall (August to October): Only 2 Slots Open

A Few Polices, Scheduling Details, and Organizational Guidelines

Again, to maximize the effectiveness of the coaching, Coach Grewe will only work with 6 athletes (per season) at a time.  In general, he will meet with athletes for 90 minutes at a time, and at a minimum one-time per week (depending on their game and practice schedule). We have learned that a 60-90 day period is the perfect amount of time to lay the foundation and develop an athlete through a critical performance period - the season.

The off-season development period is very, very, very critical. But much of that time is spent in getting bigger, faster, stronger, and in skill mechanic improvement. Coach Grewe will always leave that to those experts. There are several great strength and conditioning coaches throughout the country. There are also several great coaches that excel in skill development in a specific sport. And even though he has a vast knowledge of many sports, Coach Grewe is considered an expert with a skill development focus in the sport of baseball. He also firmly believes that many athletes fail in skill development with too many voices clouding the right message. So he chooses not to focus on the off-season skill training ... like private lessons.

Coach Grewe has strategically divided his 1-on-1 private coaching sessions into four "seasons" specifically aligned with the optimal performance time periods.

Due to high demand for 1-on-1 private coaching, enrollment into a season must be arranged and purchased in advance. He will coach high school student-athletes that seek/plan to play at the collegiate level in the below "seasons":

  • Winter Seasons: Designed for winter, spring, or injured athletes
  • Spring Seasons: Designed for spring, fall or injured athletes
  • Summer Seasons: Open for athletes in all sports (off season training concentration / recruiting emphasis)
  • Fall Seasons: Open and designed for fall, winter or injured athletes

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

eMail Coach Grewe directly to inquire about 1-on-1 private coaching: davidgrewe@pmlegacy.com

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