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Introducing The LegacyNOW OTA – Catholic Edition

What Is Performance Exposure

The Little League Declaration

Coach Grewe’s Little League Declaration  What I learned from being a dad – coach – volunteer for a 7 year-old recreational baseball team … and how it relates to the future growth and overall well being for the game of baseball at the MLB level. It all started like this…

college recruiting process

The Future of College Recruiting … Will only continue to evolve and get (Mark) messier. Want proof … Check out these comments from a National Champion Head Football Coach Jimbo Fisher and the world of negative recruiting (click here to view the ESPN article). Sorry for the hockey word play-on…

Coach Grewe’s 12 Step Recruiting Guide

PML Baseball: 12 Step Recruiting Guide Step 1 Learn how to outline the needs and wants (of the player) by using self-analysis + expert feedback. Step 2 Learn how to create THE LIST: Research and profile coaches, schools and programs. Step 3 Communication starts ASAP. Learn how to communicate with…

6 Truths in College Recruiting

 SEEKin’ da TRUTH in College Recruiting A message for parents to pass on to your son / daughter … from Coach David Grewe Truth #6: You, the recruit, own 100% of the responsibility to earn a college scholarship. Myth #1: Recruits should have other people contact college coaches on their…

Packaged Sport Programs

Major Announcement: Why We (Led by Coach David Grewe) Are Packaging Insider Recruiting Information with our Leadership and Mental Skill Awareness Training Tools Programs. Nashville, TN ( May 2015 – – It’s here. We have finally put together a packaged program at Potential Meets Legacy. Our first program is specifically…

March Madness … Magic of Coach Izzo

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Is he the king of March Madness? What does Tom Izzo do to get his team to play so well come tournament time? In this video, Coach David Grewe will share many stories about his time working in the same athletic department at the king of madness. 

March Madness . . . Kentucky Perfect?

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As March Madness roles into the sweet 16, the questions remain; Will the Kentucky Wild-KATS be perfect? And is the measure of perfection a record of 40-0?

Rising Up … The Game’s Defining Moment

Ohhh . . . this one hurt. But it’s proof how championship performers gain exposure. In this video, Coach Grewe showcases how ELITE athletes rise up in the game’s defining moment and DOMINATE IT. It hurts, because UD is my University. It’s where I played collegiate ball. It gave me my…

March Madness … The Defining Moment

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In this player development video . . . Coach Grewe gives access to “INSIDER INFORMATION”. He discusses a very important topic and concept that elite athletes understand. This IS the way for high-school athletes to get the EXPOSURE they DESIRE. He uses the examples of #MarchMadness to highlight the moment.

Step 1 . . . In Becoming A Champion

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In this FREE training tools, Coach Grewe discusses the FREE Guide (click here) he offers to athletes. It’s titled: 6 critical steps in becoming a championship athlete. It starts with Step 1. In the video, Coach Red breaks down step 1 . . .